Fyrinnae swatches and review!

Recently I placed an order over at Fyrinnae. Occasionally, their site will be closed so that they can process all the orders they receive without creating a giant backlog. This makes it easier for them, and in the end, less wait time for buyers. I purchased twelve shadows, all in the sample size, and a full-sized tube of their Pixie Epoxy. Pixie Epoxy is a clear, sticky base which when used under their shadows, bring out the awesome sparkle and vibrancy of the colour. 

The top is swatched dry, and the bottom, swatched over Pixie Epoxy. From left to right: Arcane Magic: Madame & Eve’s, Immortality, Boytoy, Pumpkinfire.

This picture is intentionally blurry to show you more of the crazy amount of sparkle in these shadows.

And now in sunlight

Again, top is swatched dry, bottom over Pixie Epoxy. From left to right: Rapunzel Had Extensions, MeerKat, Sugar Skulls, Biker Chic

Blurry to show the sparkle.

In natural light, but not in direct sunlight.

From left to right: Arcane Magic: Electric Stardust, Omgwtf, Marshmallow Puffs, Bitey Tyrannosaur

Natural light, not direct sunlight

Overall, these shadows are great. Awesome colour selection and the texture is soft, smooth, and silky. I would recommend looking at swatches online as it can be a little hard to decide from the swatches on their website.


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