31 Day nail challenge-Day 8!

Metallic nails! This one was a little difficult for me. I don’t think I have a true metallic polish and I wasn’t going to go buy one just for the challenge. I used 2 coats of Trophy Wife from Essie. I adore this polish! Such a pretty colour and not too bright or out there. Definitely an every day colour. (For me anyway)


31 Day nail challenge-Day 6!

Violet! I actually did this one a few days ago and decided to re-do it. The first time was a bit dark. For the one here, I simply used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails in “Applause”. It’s sort of a grayed purple with lots of silver sparkle. It looks a bit more blur toned in the photo. Still a pretty colour none the less. (Sorry for the messy paint job!) 

31 Day nail challenge-Day 4!

Green! I adore green nail polish. I have several. For today’s look, I used 2 different polishes. For the accent nail, I used 2 coats of “Slime Time” by Lush Lacquer and the other nails have 2 coats of “Jaded” by Revlon. I like this combo a lot because they are almost so different that they don’t go together. I didn’t use a top coat today, mostly because I was feeling lazy. 

31 day nail challenge-Day 2

Day 2 is orange. I’m not really a fan of orange nail polish, which is probably why I only have 2. The one I used today is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Sun Kissed”. It’s a pretty standard orange. This particular polish is fairly sheer (something I find common with yellows and oranges). I used 2 coats and you can still see my nail tip. This range of polishes is really great though. Cheap, and a pretty extensive colour range. For today’s challenge, I didn’t do anything fancy, mostly because as I said before, I’m not a huge fan of orange. The more I wear this colour though, the more I like it. It wouldn’t be a go-to colour though.

I used a top coat over top as well. I used Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat. I usually use Seche Vite, but I haven’t been liking it very much lately.