Lush Laquer swatches!

About a week and a half ago, I placed and order with indie nail polish sellers Lush Laquer.  There are some Etsy polish sellers that often have flash sales which can make it difficult to buy from them. Not so the case with this mother-daughter team. They have a good selection of polishes, mini and full size. I chose to get 8 mini bottles mostly because I couldn’t decide what polishes I wanted. They are all packed with glitter, and come in combinations I’ve never seen at the drugstore. As far as glitter polishes go, these didn’t seem any more or any less difficult to remove. Now for pictures!

All nails have 2 coats. From top down-Slime Time, Midnight Affair, Shred Me Silly, Birthday Cake.

From top down-Salt n’ Peppa, Chubby Bubby/Chubby Checker, Pink Panther, Mr Bubble

I would definitely recommend checking these out since they are totally unique and fun!


One thought on “Lush Laquer swatches!

  1. Amanda (Mae) September 10, 2012 / 12:00 PM

    how fun! I got Salt n peppa and slumber party i love them!

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