31 Day nail challenge-Day 13!

When I first saw that animal print was on the list, I was a little afraid. Animal print always looks so chic and perfect. I’m not so skilled when it comes to doing my nails (I know it may not seem like that) so it was a little daunting when deciding what animal print to do. I chose to do an unconventional leopard print. This was much easier to do than I thought. And you can make it as crazy or as neutral as you want. I sort of used this tutorial from cutepolish. I was originally going to do a sort of traditional brown colour palette, but as big as my nail polish collection is, I don’t have browns and nudes. (Shocking right?!). I used Sonic Bloom from Sally Hansen, the lime green is also from Sally Hansen, and the blue is from Essence. 


One thought on “31 Day nail challenge-Day 13!

  1. polishalcoholic October 5, 2012 / 1:19 PM

    1st: Don’t ever say again that you don’t have the skills to do something! Believe in yourself and you can do everything you want. Some things will need more practice than the other… but what the ***? I’ll bet that the most talented artists make a big mess once and a while 😉
    2nd: Like the colorcombo that you’ve done here!

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