Colour Pop Swatches and Mini Review

If you haven’t heard of Colour Pop Cosmetics, you’ve probably been living under a rock. 

They are a relatively new, online only brand, based in California.  Everything is made in the US, and is cruelty free . Their lippie stix do contain a small amount (less than .1%) of beeswax, so unfortunately for you vegans, you’ll have to pass on those. All but 5 of their eye shadows are vegan as well. I couldn’t find any information on their lippie pencils, though I would assume that they are similar to the lippie stix.

I purchased 5 shadows, and 5 lippie stix (all with my own money) and I really could not be happier. All, and I mean all of their products are 5$. Yes, 5$. They do offer free shipping in the US with orders over 30$, but unfortunately for us Canadians, there is a cost for shipping. I was surprisingly shocked by how fast these were orders, since anyone who lives in Canada knows, stuff can take FOREVER to get delivered.

Now for the fun stuff! All swatches done on bare skin with no base or primer.

Hammered is a lovely olive green with lots of gold shimmer



Hustle is a deep red-brown with a satin finish



Game Face is an AMAZING copper metallic with a bit of copper shimmer. It goes on like butter. If you have blue or green eyes, please get this shadow.



Cheeky is a peachy pink with a satin finish and a faint shimmer through it. It would work great as a highlighter.



Lovely is a BEAUTIFUL champagne with some gold and pink shimmer throughout.



Now for the Lippie Stix swatches

Cake is a mid-tone yellow based peachy pink. It went on a little patchy and was a lot more pale than I was expecting, but still a gorgeous shade. The packaging said it was a glossy finish but the website says satin.


Gossip is a very pretty blue based medium pink, with a satin finish.  I can see myself wearing this a lot.


Gossip is a medium, coral with a strong orange pull. Great summer shade. Satin finish.


Creature is a gorgeous, vampy wine red with a matte finish.


Bull Chic is the darkest of all the lippie stix, with it being a pigmented matte black.


Overall, I love the products I got. If I had to give one criticism, it would be to have some sort of discounted shipping for Canadian customers.

Let me know if anyone of you have tried this brand or are going to pick up some stuff.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Colour Pop Swatches and Mini Review

  1. Sarah November 1, 2014 / 7:20 PM

    I love all of these!!!! I had never heard of them! $5 means I need to hit up their website! Thanks for the info!

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