Favourite and most used brushes

I recently cleaned my brushes and I was gazing at them lovingly while they were drying and decided it was time for a new post (since it’s been a trillion years).

Brushes can be the defining factor in a make up look and I’ve rounded up my most used and loved ones. They’re divided up my usage (face and eyes). Pictures and descriptions below!

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31 Day nail challenge-Day 28!

Inspired by…a flag!

You would think that I would’ve gone with the Canadian flag since I’m Canadian. You thought wrong. Have you ever tried to draw a maple leaf and had it look perfect? Didn’t think so. I went with Jamaica. I’ve never been there, but the food from that place is incredible. (If you live in Vancouver or Victoria, go here!) I picked it mostly because I liked the colour combination. (Also, it was easy without being too simple.)



I used 2 polishes from Sephora and a black striping polish from KISS.

31 Day nail challenge-Day 24

Inspired by a book! I went with Harry Potter, even though it has been done quite a bit. It’s hard not to love Harry Potter, especially the books. I remember when I was in grade 7, my teacher was from England and he had brought the first book in the series to read to us. This was before it got crazy in North America. If you’ve never read the series, you totally should. For this mani, I used Toast from Wet n Wild, Forest by JoeFresh, Gold Accessory by Maybelline, Black Out from Wet n Wild, Yellow Umbrella from Sephora, Red Red from Wet n Wild, Let’s Get Lost by Essence, and a black striping polish to do the lightning bolt. I really like how this turned out! (The green on my pinky looks black in the photo, unfortunately, but in person it looks great, I swear!) 

31 Day nail challenge-Day 17!

Glitter! I love it. A lot. Who doesn’t though? For today’s mani, I went a bit understated with the glitter. (Hard to believe, I know). I used 2 coats of 212-Sephora from Sephora by OPI. The base colour is a blackened greenish-brown. There’s flakies, which I think can be considered glitter. There’s also very fine round holographic glitter, which is not so noticeable on the nail, but it’s still there. I really love this polish and it might be in my top 10. ( 10 because, really, let’s be real) 

Also, I just started working at Sephora, so expect to hear all about it in upcoming posts! Thanks for reading!