Colourpop Lippie Stix round-up!

If you remember my post from November, (Yes it has been that long since I’ve had a post up, I’m sorry!) then you will remember these little gems. This post is going to center on the Lippie Stix and I will have a post up soon about the Super Shock Shadows. 

Just to refresh your memory, you can find these on and everything on their site is only 5$. They have free shipping over 30$ to the US, 15$ shipping to Canada, and now they ship to Australia and New Zealand.

The range of colours they have for their Lippie Stix is fantastic. All of the Lippie Six have matching Lippie Pencils so it takes away the guess work of having to find a matching liner.

They have different finishes including satin, matte, glossy, and pearlized. I have the satin and matte finishes in my collection.

And now I’m sure you want swatches so let’s get to it!


lippiestix2 lippiestix1

Swatches from top to bottom are Bullchic (opaque matte black), Creature (Deep burgundy), Pitch (Rich chocolate brown), Brink (nude-y beige), Lumiere (Pinkish mauve nude), Fancy (neutral coral, though it’s coming up very brown on camera), Cake (pastel pink), Brunch (orange toned coral), Wifey ( lavender pink), Brills (true cool toned lavender), I ❤ this (red based fuchsia), Rocket ( pink based coral)

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment on what you think I should blog about next!


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